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We Help You Navigate Unfamiliar Territory

Sometimes your relationship with your uniform and linen rental supplier doesn’t turn out as desired. Whether it’s liquidated damages, contesting vague agreement terms or simply looking for help with dispute resolution, understanding your options can be difficult. We help you understand your position clearly. More importantly, we develop a strategy that increases your leverage by sharing our knowledge of industry practices. Don’t try to fight Goliath alone. Let us help. We are your uniform and linen rental expert witness.

Expert Witness

We have decades of uniform and linen rental industry experience. From contract language to service design, we know how vendors think. We’ve seen it all. Let our experience empower you.

Data Analysis

Opinions and claims only go so far. We use the history of your invoices to tell the story of your services. At the end of the day, objective and provable data helps build your case.