The increasing importance and value of data cannot be underestimated. As a manager, you don’t make decisions without some type of business intelligence. As someone who manages a uniform rental provider, you are already well aware that data is lacking. Whether you’re using an enterprise platform to monitor the procure-to-pay cycle, or you’ve created your own analytics with Excel or SQL, you’d probably agree that it takes more time than it’s worth. And it’s not discrete enough to really make the best decisions. The big problem here is the detail; specifically, the line-level detail.

As you know, uniform rental invoices change often from week to week. In addition to the volatility presented by wearers changing sizes and inventories fluctuating, one-time charges (like prep charges) can take you by surprise and throw off your budget for the month. Uniform rental customers can’t be expected to manage the density of line-level information. It requires domain expertise that is ever-changing. And at the end of the day, you’re in the business of running your business, not managing your managed services provider (after all, that’s what you’re paying them to do). All this begs a simple question – how much information does your provider give you to help you make decisions?

Too much? Too little? None at all, really, other than the invoices and statements? Trying to manage purchasing at a header level for a uniform rental program leaves too much money on the table. Invoice line management is required to substantially reduce spend. That’s where Unirithm steps in and helps. We’re able to make sense of all the changes across lines that ultimately add up to your spend. Do you have time to rationalize millions of lines?

Unirithm is a unique solution to your unique reality. We leverage machine learning to manage what is otherwise an enormously complex task. You could continue managing to header level economics, but why would you do that when you no longer have to?