Thousands of invoices. Tens of thousands of invoice lines. Hundreds of wearers and multiple, separate inventories for a dozen products. Complicate that picture with credits, over billing, non-delivered items, late deliveries, holiday schedules, statement matching, garment repairs, ruined items, etc, etc, etc… There are many moving pieces in a uniform rental program – are you capturing all the changes? Every piece of information? Even the pieces that seem completely meaningless? When it comes to data, sometimes what appears to be irrelevant ends up being a crucial piece.

Maintaining a beneficial relationship with your provider can sometimes be difficult. In addition to the occasional service hiccup, there are also the challenges on the provider’s side, such as route rep turnover, district manager turnover, open issue management and relationship management. Keeping everyone on the same page helps set expectations, but who owns that task? You? Your provider? The route rep? Obviously, it’s a mix of everyone involved, which makes task management that much more complicated.

Perhaps you keep a spreadsheet with open issues, or you scribble notes on a post-it, or you set calendar reminders for follow-up; whatever your method, it’s all falling on you to keep track of everything. Does that sound like a managed service to you? Unirithm thinks there’s a better way. We help you keep track of all the moving pieces because we’ve created a data model that captures everything. We want you and your provider to be on the same page. And in those unfortunate times when you and your provider are in disagreement, we want to empower you with information that gives you leverage.

Unirithm’s task management model provides a comprehensive solution to handling the unexpected. We focus on the small stuff so that you can focus on the big stuff. You could keep waiting for your provider to keep track of everything, but why wait?