What Does Uniform.ai Do?

Your problems become our problems. We solve them together.

Lighten Your Workload

The invoice-to-pay process is complicated. Ensuring that Purchasing and Finance are both on the same page is key. A uniform rental program often makes this difficult, and that’s where we come in. Uniform.ai reads your invoices for you, detects any problems, then gives clear and concise guidance. The Playbook helps you achieve victory in cost reduction.

Access to Insider Knowledge

You do an amazing job of managing your uniform and linen rental vendor. It only gets better when you unlock deeper insight through Uniform.ai. Uncover hidden charges. Detect over-inventory patterns. Find opportunities to run leaner. We act as an x-ray to your services so that you can make the best call on the what, when, why, where and how.

More Data. More Insight.

We extract every piece of data from your invoices and agreement. We then enrich your data with our own domain intelligence. The result is powerful. You’ll see deeper information that helps you manage and predict the best course of action under any condition. We reveal hidden trends that become key drivers in your pursuit to run your business tight.

Uniform.ai is the world’s first purpose-built application for analyzing uniform and linen rental spend.

Unirithm has taken the stress out of trying to figure out the “distract and confuse” tactics used by uniform companies.