About Us

We’re on a mission to make your life easier.


We started Unirithm for one simple reason: customers deserve better.

Our goal is to empower you with deeper insight, and to share our insider knowledge so that you can gain leverage.

We also want to create transparency in your services in order to foster a better relationship between you and your vendor. We think everyone can win. That’s our goal.

Why Choose Us?


Consultants that are familiar with this industry may throw a good spreadsheet together and do a sample audit, but we are the only firm with a purpose-built AI platform. We can scale, and our accuracy is driven by computer vision.


We don’t make money unless you save money.


We’re so confident that we can find you savings that we’re happy to conduct the initial in-depth analysis for free. No strings attached.


Jason Smith

Jason Smith


Jason is a passionate product leader on a mission to change the way the uniform rental industry operates. After working more than 15 years in the uniform and linen rental industry, Jason founded Unirithm with the goal of empowering customers. He has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Owner-operator organizations. He brings together vast knowledge of the uniform rental industry with deep experience in machine learning. His roots in the industry give him a unique advantage in delivering a powerful and effective solution. He lives in Houston, TX with his wife, two kids and he's lost count of how many pets.

Mike Sandford

Mike Sandford


Mike is an engineer par excellence. He combines a voracious appetite for learning with an inability to accept "that's the way we've always done it." He has a dual BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and an MS in Computer Engineering.  He has deep expertise in computer vision, OCR, machine learning and software delivery. His knowledge spans business operations, product development & management and accounting systems.  As technical co-founder, Mike's experience with the art of the possible and his familiarity with productizing concepts – as well as his diverse network of engineers, data scientists and business strategists - greatly increases Unirithm's odds of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Unirithm REALLY save us money?

More than 95% of our engagements yield savings. We take the time to understand your current and future needs in order to predict savings. We track your spend. If we don’t save you money, then you don’t pay us.

How are savings calculated?

We design our services to cut your cost now, and to avoid cost in the future. We calculate your savings by looking at what we’ve helped you fix that was an issue. We also calculate what you would have spent without making the changes we identified. This way, as your invoices change over time, we can demonstrate what value we provide. If we can help you avoid cost, we think that’s savings as well.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Unirithm employs a strict hierarchical account-based data ownership system to ensure that your data stays yours. Learn more by reading our Privacy Policy.

Can you communicate directly with the vendor on my behalf to settle open issues?

Currently, this is not part of our service offering. We are exploring affiliate partnerships to develop that capability, as we’re hearing this question a lot. Stay tuned.

Is Unirithm associated with any uniform rental companies?

No. Our domain expertise comes from people who used to work in the industry. We do not work with or for any uniform rental service providers. Our mission is to be an objective third party that protects YOUR inetersts.

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