Uniform and Linen Rental Programs are Complex

We help you make sense of your invoices, contract and service levels.

Powered by Uniform.ai. Controlled by You.

Reduce cost 20-40%. Guaranteed.

Invoice Analysis

Uniform.ai is the only uniform and linen rental analysis engine you’ll find on the market. We detect issues no other software or AP process can find.

Renewal Strategy

We look at all past account events as well as current market conditions to build your Renewal Playbook. You decide the best renewal approach based on data.

Recovery Audits

Want to investigate a mountain of invoices? Uniform.ai can ingest thousands of invoices, inspect every line and find recovery opportunities.

The Playbook

It’s not enough to detect problems – you need to know the fix. Our Playbook walks you through each issue to find the best resolution. This is our secret sauce.

Deep Category Expertise

We know the uniform rental industry inside out, and we’ve built an AI engine that leverages that knowledge. Our innovation. Your savings.

All Types of Items

Garments. Shop towels. Floor mats. Napkins. Aprons. Dispensers. Soap. Paper towels. Bath towels. Etc. If it’s on your invoice, we analyze it.

Contract Compliance

Contract management isn’t easy. We’ve created software that monitors compliance in real-time. If things go sideways, you’ll know it quickly. 

Reduce Admin Time

We help you reduce your admin labor by automating the invoice-to-pay process. You focus on your business. Your admin work becomes our work.

Optimize Decisions

Get access to the best resolution to every issue. Uniform.ai considers the unique characteristics of each account and deploys a tailored solution.

Uniform.ai is an application built specifically for analyzing uniform and linen rental spend.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Average ROI in First Year – 275%

Move Faster

Managing vendors is an arduous task. We cut through the noise and help you focus on decisions that matter. Uniform.ai reads the invoice for you. The Playbook gives you the plan. You’re always the one in control.

Identify Avoidable Cost

Predictable uniform rental cost is elusive. Price increases and damage charges can add 32% more spend during the life of your agreement. We help you spot rate changes that are out of compliance or unreasonably aggressive. When damage and loss charges occur, we help you hold your vendor responsible for accuracy. True cost optimization.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Uniform Provider

We create transparency so that you have a clear view of your service levels. When you get empowered with information, your relationship with your vendor will improve. By removing confusion, we help you gain leverage and increase trust.

Get notified as issues occur, and proactively address upcoming problems.

Get specific guidance on the best course of action for each issue.

Prioritize next steps based on actual dollar impact.

See the detail of how the savings actually add up.

Watch how small changes add up to big savings over the life of your contract.

"Working with Unirithm has been a great experience. They are very knowledgeable and offer great leadership in understanding industry terminology and exposing hidden costs. Putting my trust in Unirthm has allowed me to reduce my expenses and focus more on my day to day business operations."

Frozen Food Manufacturer    Houston, TX

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