Take the next step in invoice approval automation.

We provide optimized decisions by using vendor specific machine learning models.

How Unirithm Works

1. give us your invoices for analysis

2. our domain AI engine finds unseen problems and opportunities

3. you get credit from past errors

4. we prevent spend on future errors

What Unirithm Does For You

Limit Price Increases

We uncover hidden price increases, saving you an average of 15% a year.

Reduce P2P Cost

Cut invoice processing cost by more than 50%.

Vendor Specific Insight

We know how your vendor designs their invoice and catch every single change.

Time = Money

Reduce category management time by more than 75%.

Light Speed Insight

An intense AI platform that delivers real-time results, improving your cash flow.

Optimize Inventory

Manage your inventory by point of consumption to drive down cost by 25%.

We understand how each vendor designs their invoices and services.

You'll want to know what we know.